PiratePets is a Web3 Mobile App with a new and most complete M2E gaming experience.

We offer unique NFTs that are necessary to enter the world of PiratePets. A user who owns NFT pirates and NFT ships will have the opportunity to monetize his daily gaming activities. Treasure chests located on a map synchronized with the real world contain the in-game cryptocurrency that the player collects daily. (by walking, running, cycling, or by any means of transportation the speed of which does not exceed 20 km/h)

Along with other advantages, in the application, you can create a party with your friends and defeat Raid Bosses, which allows you to earn additional income. It is also possible to challenge other players and play PVP games where everyone has an equal chance of winning. The daily life of the game also consists of a lot of social events, tournaments, marathons, etc., which makes the game process very interactive and interesting.

Traditional business connections with the Web3 world are rare in today's world and require different bridges. PiratePets has a B2B structure that will help traditional businesses enter the Web3 world, as well as stabilize our domestic economy.

With its capabilities, PiratePets will be a bridge between the real world and the Web3 space, where a lot of new users will enter and unite in the crypto world and will be able to get more pleasant, social experiences and financial benefits in their daily lives.

Note: PiratePets is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.


Game Token: PPT

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