Game Modes

Solo Mode

Once you own the Pirate NFT and Ship NFT, You can activate Sailing Mode by pressing the ‘Start Sail’ button and, move around your streets, participate in the game and earn our in-game cryptocurrencies PPT. In order to earn PPT you need to open the Treasure Boxes on the map. The limit for opening boxes and the quantity of tokens in each box is set daily based on the number and grades of Ships in your Fleet. You need to collect Keys to open the Treasure Boxes. The steps will be counted by the app tracker, and after every 100 steps you will get 1 key. Keys can also be purchased in the Marketplace. Using these earnings, you can do the following in-game activities:

  • Upgrade your NFTs

  • Unlock features and rewards

  • Build a fleet

  • Repair your Ship

  • Craft new Ship NFT

  • Play P2P Games

  • Cash out the tokens

You can also choose to sell or rent your Pirate and Ships on the in-app Marketplace where other players can acquire these NFTs to join the game.

Opening Treasure Boxes will earn you a PPT token. The number of PPTs hidden in each box depends on the following factors:

  1. Level of your main ship - the level of the main ship determines how many boxes you can open daily and how many PPTs will be in each box.

  2. Captain's level and the number of ships - on a certain number of ships, the captain needs to have the appropriate level. The number of ships and the level of the main ship in turn determines how many boxes you can open each day and how many PPTs will be in each box.

All Pirate and Ship NFTs initially have the same abilities and their development depends on the individual player's play style.

In this world, just like in the real world, there are different types of weather: good weather, storm, ice rain, fire rain. The weather determines how much the ship will be damaged while sailing. To protect against bad weather, the ship has three attributes, protection against a storm, ice rain, and fire rain. Attributes can be increased with the corresponding points, which the player is given when leveling the ship and can use according to his choice.

Battle Mode

Solo Battle - During each sail, the player has the opportunity to fight Raid Bosses that are on the map near the player's location. There are 5 bosses in this game and each of them has five levels. Which and what level of bosses the player will be able to fight depends on the level of the pirate, the number of ships, and the level of the main ship. After defeating the boss, the player will receive a Mystery Box corresponding to the level of the boss, where it is possible to find coins as well as other in-game items or various parts for crafting a ship.

Party Battle - In Party mode, you can fight Raid Bosses that you can't go against, depending on the number of ships in your Fleet. However, during the party mode, the player's ships form a single fleet and are given the opportunity to fight higher-level Raid Bosses.

It is possible to invite only those players who are around you within a radius of 30 meters.

During the raid, the prize for defeating the Raid Boss can be given to the author of the party or to any participant at random. The rewarding model can be selected during the creation of the party.

P2P Mode

The player has the opportunity to use PPT tokens to play with other players, various games, get winnings and use the won PPT as desired.

You can find an opponent both online, from any country, and on the map, where you can send request to a player near you.

In P2P games you will find such famous games as Sea Battle and others.

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