In addition to having one Pirate and one Ship, which does not allow you to use the full potential of the game, you can create a fleet. A fleet can consist of 1 pirate and a maximum of 30 ships. The number of ships in the lot depends on how many treasure boxes you can open each day, how much PPT you will get for opening each box, and which Raid Bosses you will fight. The daily limit increases according to the main ship as well, the level of other ships does not affect the limit. You have the opportunity to have several fleets, which you can individually use daily or rent.

In order to have a certain number of Ships in your fleet, your Pirate must be of the appropriate level.

Main ship class also increases player’s daily limit: - Sloop +0 - Schooner +5 - Brigantine +10 - Galleon +15 - Frigate +20

In terms of production, the player has a daily limit of opening treasure boxes. The daily limit of opening boxes and therefore keys is determined by the main ship and the number of ships in the fleet. Treasure Box System

Raid boss battles require both the level of the main ship and the number of ships in the fleet. Raid Boss / Mystery Box System

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