Activities Tracker

To track your workout activity, we have developed our in-app tracker where the user has to manually start and end the activity. We will use GPS, motion sensor, and gyroscope to accurately track your activity data.

In order to open Treasure Boxes and fight Raid Bosses, the application needs to detect your location and movement in order to select targets for you based on your location. For the mentioned activities, you can use walking, running or any means of transport, the speed of which does not exceed 20 km/h. To get the Keys for the Treasure Boxes, you will need to walk or run from 0-20 km/h, so the app will count the steps, evaluate your movement and give you the Key for your Treasure Box every 100 steps.

On the Sailing page you will see your GPS signal quality, movement speed, steps taken, time and also the amount of PPT you earned.

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