Battleship offers a PVP gaming experience where two players engage in a strategic challenge. Players have to destroy the opposing fleet by guessing its hidden positions on the field. With each player commanding a fleet of 10 ships. The game continues until one player successfully destroys all of their opponent's ships.

To participate in the game, you have to purchase both the NFT Pirate and NFT Ship.

Genesis Collection Holders have free access to the daily tournament with the prize pool.

With a Pirate Level of 2 and a Ship Level of 11, you gain a distinct advantage in the daily tournaments, enabling you to skip one round.

  1. Select your location to deploy your fleet.

  1. Deploy the fleet and then press the "Battle" button.

* You have 45 Sec. to deploy all your ships otherwise it will be deployed automatically.

* Ships are deployed in horizontal or vertical positions.

* You can rotate the ship by clicking to mouse's right button.

  1. Await your opponent's arrival and then destroy their fleet.

  • Each player has 30 sec to shoot

  • If you fail to hit your target, the turn will pass to your opponent.

  • Successfully striking your target will grant you another shoot.

  • After passing 30 sec to shoot you have an additional 60 sec timebank to act.

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