Earning Cap/Mechanics

Solo Mode

Daily earning in solo mode depends on the data of the main ship, as well as the number of ships in the fleet, the level of each ship and the level of the pirate. In all relevant cases, the player has a certain range within which the number of PPTs generated by him is determined. PPTs are generated by opening treasure chests. How many boxes a player can open also depends on the variables listed above. The number of boxes varies from 10 to 120.

PPT earning depends on: - Main ship level/tier - Number of ships in the fleet - The level/tier of each ship in the fleet - Pirate level

Daily outcome is also affected by the weather conditions. Depending on the weather, the ship is damaged, so the repair fee is different. There are four types of weather conditions in the game: fair weather, storm, Ice rain, Fire rain.

You can find detailed information on our calculator, where you can find out in advance the approximate information about daily production.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, the value of prizes from bosses depends on the type of Mystery Box. Different bosses of each level drop different numbers and types of Mystery Boxes. The player’s ability to fight against the boss is determined by the composition of his fleet. - Number of ships in the lot - Main ship level/tier

Raid bosses can also be defeated by Party Mode, together with other players, and the prize will be given either to the creator of the party or to any member randomly (the rules for giving the prize are determined by the players during the creation of the space).

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